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By Asterios C (Greece) - PR


1. New HQ
2. Waltzing around the Danube
3. No more Chilling in French Riviera
4. Crash-landing in Yukon

1. New HQ

On 09/09/2014 (eRepublik day 2485 ) the new Asteria HQ was formed. As per what is virtually tradition by now, only one candidate was nominated, Manu Cab (Argentina), esteemed diplomat and foreign affairs expert in his home-country and the one that signed the original Asteria Charter on behalf of his compatriots. Lots of latin vibes in this new HQ with three Argentineans and two Brazilians in positions of authority, with familiar faces and few new additions comprising the rest of the lineup.

Secretary General: Manu Cab
Deputy Secretary General: Bogohulja

Supreme Commander: Areil MAteu
Deputy Supreme Commander(s):
mlena, CornelB, I n f 0 r m e r, adsyo, ppandp, Aragon Tom

Co-Secretary of Foreign Affairs: turturica
Co-Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Ikardos0

PR: Asterios C

2. Waltzing around the Danube

We can all recall Bulgaria cozying up lethargically around the Black Sea enjoying full bonuses. Then someday they decide to move on Romania , in what they conceived as a pre-emptive strike. After that Chile flew in, caused some trouble but was ultimately evicted. The conflict seemed to die out and word circulated on the street that a multilateral gentlemen's agreement was put in place to maintain peace in the area. But Bulgaria got insolent and attacked Bassarabia unprovoked, reigniting the flames. They lost that campaign and Romania deservingly went on the counter-offensive. They've been hammering down on Bulgaria ever since in an ongoing war amounting, so far, to sixteen (16) campaigns!

3. No more Chilling in French Riviera

Chile in central Europe has been a major pain in the ass for Asteria almost ever since the alliance was founded. Many plans were devised, including multi-pronged attacks and airstrikes, but Chile stubbornly clinked on the Mediterranean coastline of France . When the Serbs finally set foot in Apulia, Italy the gears were set in motion for a grand-scale operation. Island hopping to Spain to establish a stronghold, Serbia could now flank Chile from the west. First Languedoc Roussillon fell without resistance. Next, the risky venture of attacking Midi-Pyrenees during night-time turned out to be a blitzkrieg and the Chileans were defeated hands down. It's now Poland that stands in the way of kicking Chile out of Europe for good.

4. Crash-landing in Yukon

Anyone else detecting a pattern in FYROM's game-play? If not, let me break it down for you: Wait for Greece to be busy resetting the determination bonus in some colony; barely liberate an original region; airstrike a Commonwealth state. It was Saudi Arabia and Australia once, now it was Nigeria and Canada . What's their beef against the crown anyhow? Nevermind, no one can really blame them. I mean, at the very least, they're still... trying. Even if they are away from their originals for up to a year now. Even if they are not receiving appropriate aid from their allies. Even if their airstrike to Canada failed. Miserably. Maybe admins should consider adding Jamaica , so they can have a Commonwealth state for their attempt at an airstrike next time they manage to catch their breath from under the Greek boot.